The Molecule Complete Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your performance apparel clean. Technical fabrics used in performance apparel is ever-evolving and needs to be paired with the ultimate in care.


Wash - Formulated to effectively clean performance fabric in all washing machines. Contains proprietary Pico12 technology to inhibit growth of odor causing elements. Special surfactants designed to target petroleum and organic-based soils. 


Refresh - A lightly scented spray specifically formulated for athletic wear and equipment. Cosmetic-grade formula contains proprietary Pico12 suppression technology to attack odors at the source and inhibit growth. Stay clean, comfortable and perform at your best. 


Protector - A protective coating that helps technical fabrics, including Nomex repel water, oil and flammable liquids. Maintains breathability, keeping colors vibrant by shielding UV rays. 


Spot Cleaner - Penetrates deeply into apparel to dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains. Use in combination with Molecule wash for ultimate results.


Complete Care Kit (For Apparel)